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Rochford & Associates is the Auto Accident Attorney Peoria IL Can Trust

Every year there are millions of serious injuries as a result of auto accidents. These accidents can keep you from work and can interfere with the way you live your life. A broken arm may keep you from holding your children. A head injury can make focusing on work difficult. Even injuries whose effects don’t occur immediately can have us wishing we had already called an auto accident attorney in Peoria IL. That’s why we suggest wasting no time. Finding a competent legal team to fight for your rights. That team is Rochford & Associates.

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For more than 30 years, the Rochford & Associates team has practiced personal injury law in Peoria IL. We focus on cases involving injuries and accidents, so our team can be counted on to guide you through the process. This sometimes-complicated process includes getting the right care, treatment, and advice on dealing with insurance companies and people involved in your accident.

Clients have come to appreciate our bold approach to recovering a maximum amount of money for our injured clients. From our very first free phone consultation, you’ll see that we’re caring for your case. We pride ourselves on being the results-driven auto accident attorney Peoria IL can trust.

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Our society has laws in place so you get fair treatments, and your rights are upheld. Unfortunately, the task is daunting unless you’re involved in the system. That’s where the professionals at Rochford & Associates come in. We spend our days fighting to bridge the gap for our clients. Rights don’t go away just because you don’t understand the full scope of them. We’ll fight for your rights. And we’ll sure those who hurt you meet their responsibilities.

If you've been in an accident like the one pictured here, you need to contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Peoria IL

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We know that fear and uncertainty can get in the way of self-advocacy. That’s why we offer a free phone consultation. Don’t miss your window of opportunity wondering whether you should file a suit. Contact us today at 309-637-5322 and find out why Rochford & Associates is the right call to be your auto accident attorney in Peoria IL.