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It can be embarrassing to get hurt. We all have natural reactions to injuries. Maybe we slip and look back at the place where we slipped. Or we fall and tell everyone around that we’re fine. But the truth is, sometimes we don’t actually know if we’ve been injured until after the incident is in our past. You may not know how severe an injury is the moment it occurs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask the person responsible to take care of it. Don’t let fear that you’ve missed your opportunity keep you from contacting a personal injury attorney in Peoria IL. Rochford & Associates is here to help.

What Does Personal Injury Mean?

Personal injury means that the injured party was a victim to the negligence of another. Was clumsiness the reason why you fell? Or should there have been a railing in that spot? Should you have seen that obstruction coming? Or was somebody responsible for removing it? These can be difficult questions to answer on your own. That’s where hiring a skilled legal team comes into play. Rochford & Associates is that team.

Let Us Help You Sort Out What Happened

Sometimes something happens and it takes time for us to realize we’ve been injured. Once you realize you’ve been injured you try and determine why. But you don’t have to go through that alone. The team at Rochford & Associates is here to help you unpack whether someone else’s neglect is responsible for your injury. Our experience and understanding of your rights and legal responsibilities are an invaluable asset. We can help you gain clarity over whether to take legal action. Trust us to be your personal injury attorney in Peoria IL.

Rochford & Associates Has the Experience

The Rochford & Associates team has been fighting for injury victims for over 35 years. What’s more, we’ve helped recover tens of millions of dollars for our clients for the physical, emotional, and financial damages they’ve suffered. We’ll always go the extra mile to protect your rights. We also strive to educate you on the injury process. And we will always make sure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, plus the care you need. We’re also skilled in motor vehicle accident, wrongful death, and workplace accident cases and beyond.

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Uncertainty and fear are the primary reasons why people fail to act. Don’t let your injury go unaddressed. Contact Rochford & Associates today to be your personal injury attorney in Peoria IL so we can begin fighting for you. Call us at 309-637-5322 for a free phone consultation. Or visit our offices at 101 SW Adams St. #700 in Peoria to see how we can help you.