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Injured at Work? Consider Workers’ Comp in Peoria IL

What should you do after suffering an injury in the workplace? Unfortunately, the answer might be more complicated than you’d prefer. Workers’ compensation claims, while important, can be challenging to file. Not to mention, if you’re contending with pushback from your employer for filing such a claim, that adds another wrinkle to your legal woes. If contending with a work injury, consider hiring Rochford & Associates to assist with securing workers’ comp in Peoria IL. We’ll help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need an Attorney’s Help

While we all hope our employers will treat worker compensation claims with seriousness and fairness, that’s not always the case. Employers or their insurance companies routinely deny workers’ compensation claims. An attorney is required to ensure your claims aren’t ignored and you can receive appropriate compensation for your injuries. Rochford & Associates’ team can assist with workers’ comp case matters such as:

  • Evidence Gathering – The easiest way for an employer or insurer to deny a compensation claim is to cite a lack of sufficient evidence for your claim. And in cases where your claim is approved, you might receive much less compensation than you need based on the evidence provided. So employers can’t easily deny or undercut your injury claims, an attorney can assist in gathering an abundance of medical, vocational and testimonial evidence surrounding your injury.
  • Settlement Negotiation – An insurer is more likely to offer you significantly under what you need to compensate for a work injury adequately. Unfortunately, due to the exhaustion of workers attempting to secure compensation, it’s easy to settle for less. Thus, having a workers’ comp attorney to negotiate on your behalf is essential for ensuring proper compensation. Rochford & Associates understands the negotiation tactics of insurers and can help protect you from lowball offers and bad faith negotiations.
  • Trail Representation – Ideally, your compensation claim will be settled before a trial becomes necessary. However, if an employer continues to deny you the compensation you deserve, Rochford & Associates can bring your case to court. At your trial, our lawyers will present a robust “theory of your case,” using witness depositions, medical records, legal agreements and other evidence to bolster your arguments.

Additional Legal Work

While workers’ comp in Peoria IL is crucial for dealing with work-related injuries, how can you legally address undue harm or hurt directed toward you outside work? Through civil litigation, our team has managed hundreds of personal injury cases. We’ve helped victims of auto accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, defective products, and more all receive compensation for their injuries. Beyond civil litigation, Rochford & Associates also offers robust legal work for various law practices, including:

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If you are a workplace accident victim, don’t let your employers deny you the financial compensation you deserve. Ensure you receive proper workers’ comp in Peoria IL, with the help of Rochford & Associates. To discuss your case with our team, call 309-637-5322 to request a free consultation. We are located at 101 SW Adams St, No 700, Peoria, IL 61602.