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If Hurt at Work, Get a Workers’ Comp Attorney for Peoria IL on Your Side

After a workplace injury, the next steps to take aren’t always clear. What sort of evidence should be gathered? Who do you file a compensation claim to? If you’ve already filed a claim, what do you do if it is denied? Unfortunately, securing compensation for a work injury can prove challenging without having direct knowledge of employment law and workers’ rights. Thankfully, Rochford & Associates has worked with hundreds of clients seeking fair compensation. Workers rely on us as their workers’ comp attorney for Peoria IL and the surrounding communities.

When an Attorney Should Get Involved

Rochford & Associates always recommends having a workers’ comp attorney from the outset of a workplace accident to avoid unnecessary risks and not waste time. However, there are other points in your case where the intervention of an attorney might be necessary. Here are a few common scenarios where you should involve Rochford & Associates:

  • Denied Claim
    • Employers and insurers don’t always have the employee’s best interests at heart. Thus, many workers’ comp cases are denied outright. And appealing a denial can be more complicated than the initial claim! Thankfully, Rochford & Associates know how to bolster a comp claim and reduce the chances of denial. In doing so, we strengthen your case using testimony, medical records, work policies and other evidence.
  • Inadequate Compensation
    • If your workplace approved your workers’ compensation claim, that’s great news! However, does your claim offer cover hospital bills, lost wages, and other significant fees appropriately? If not, allow a workers’ comp attorney for Peoria IL to negotiate on your behalf. Rochford & Associates understands the negotiation tactics of insurers, counteracting such tactics to help our clients receive maximum compensation.
  • Uncooperative Employers
    • If your claim continues to be denied, or your employer is taking active steps to intimidate or prevent you from applying for compensation, it’s time to bring your case to court. Rochford & Associates has extensive experience as trial lawyers. We will help build the theory of your case using all available evidence and testimony. If your employer is actively flaunting Illinois employment law, our attorneys will help prove it.

Our Legal Services

Workers’ compensation cases are one of the many areas Rochford & Associates can assist our clients. As trusted civil litigation lawyers for the Greater Peoria area, we’ve seen our fair share of personal injury claims. Our attorneys have experience litigating cases involving auto injuries, boat accidents, dog bites, slip-and-fall injuries, medical malpractice, and more. Additionally, we provide legal services outside of civil litigation, such as:

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To not let employers take advantage of you and ensure you get proper compensation for a work-related injury, you need the guidance of a workers’ comp attorney for Peoria IL. Give the legal professionals at Rochford & Associates a call today! You can contact us at 309-637-5322 to request a free consultation. We are located at 101 SW Adams St, No 700, Peoria, IL 61602.