Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me

Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me

How to Find the Best ‘Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me’

Getting into an accident at work can be scary. The thing you count on to keep the lights on has now caused you injury. You might be feeling nervous about hiring a group like Rochford & Associates. After all, how will your employer view it? But if you’re searching for a “workers compensation attorney near me,” you may already be worried about the long-term effects of your injury. At Rochford & Associates, we understand. We’ve been down this road with many clients, many times. And we have learned how to navigate this process with respect for your employer while fully advocating for your rights. If you’re in the Peoria area, let us do the hard work for you.

Why Not Just Let It Go?

Maybe you think your injury wasn’t that serious. Or perhaps you think you can manage the pain that it’s left you with. However, no one knows today what issues will arise tomorrow. Too many times, someone signs a settlement only to find some months later they have an injury they weren’t aware of. Our team at Rochford & Associates has been through this so many times we know all the pitfalls to avoid. When our team takes over your case, you won’t have to worry about agreeing to something too soon or pushing too hard. We bring our expertise to every case, and we’ll give you the advice that best suits your situation.

Do you believe you bear some responsibility for your accident? Remember: Illinois law says injuries sustained in the course and scope of your employment entitles you to benefits. Regardless of who was at fault, employees in Illinois are entitled to workers compensation to cover rehabilitation, medical care, and any disabilities that might arise from your injury. It can seem like a lot to take on but trust us — this is a process that is a well-worn path. We know all the turns on the trail to get you to your ultimate destination.

Rochford & Associates is Here to Help

At Rochford & Associates, we have helped people just like you receive compensation. Whether it’s lost wages from time off, medical bills that have racked up, or even losses caused by pain and suffering, we can help you get what’s owed to you. We’re proud to say we’ve helped our clients recover tens of millions of dollars for damages, including physical, emotional, and financial ones. As you search for a “workers compensation attorney near me” remember this: we’ve earned a name for working hard to help our clients get the compensation that’s due to them. We’re here to help.

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