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Find Success for Your Company Through Business Law in Peoria IL

As a business owner, you’re no stranger to the exhausting process of starting a business. It takes significant financing, time and effort to start a business, regardless of size. However, some of the most important aspects of running your business involve adhering to standards and regulations defined by Illinois business law. Whether a first-time or long-time business owner, dealing with business law in Peoria IL doesn’t get any easier. Thankfully, Rochford & Associates can provide the legal guidance you need to help your company be successful!

How We Support Your Business

Rochford & Associates offers numerous business law services to companies throughout Illinois. Our team of attorneys helps clients looking to stay compliant with local regulations, fight potential litigation, and grow their businesses via restructuring and incorporation. Some of our business law services include:

  • Start-Up Planning
    • The first steps for establishing a business can be complicated for anyone. It takes more than securing a product or offering a service; business owners must also consider licensing requirements, sales tax licensing, permits, and more. As experienced business lawyers, Rochford & Associates has helped numerous clients through the initial stages of developing their businesses.
  • Contract & Agreement Drafting
    • Whether B2B or B2C, your business continually deals with other individuals and organizations. Your company might require legal paperwork to make agreements official when working with clients. Or, if rendering services from another contractor or third party, your business might enter into a contract. An attorney can be especially helpful for the review or preparation of legal documentation.
  • Business Incorporation & Organization
    • As your business grows, so too must the way you organize it. There are methods for structuring your business to best protect your personal assets and allow your company to expand further. Incorporation is common for businesses of significant size, as incorporation allows easy transfer of ownership, can raise capital through stock sales, achieves a lower tax rate and fewer restrictions, etc.
  • Corporate Governance & Litigation
    • Above all, our attorneys strive to protect your business against potential litigation. Through corporate governance, we ensure your business stays up-to-date with the latest state and federal regulations. Staying compliant means fewer chances for outside entities and organizations to level litigation against you. However, if litigation still occurs, our attorneys can fight for your company’s rights in court.

Civil Litigation, Family Law & More

In addition to our services for business law in Peoria IL, Rochford & Associates’ team specializes in various legal practices to best assist Illinois residents. We understand the crucial legal matters that mean the most to individuals and families. Whether going through a divorce, preparing an estate, or filing a civil claim, our attorneys can provide the legal counsel you require. Some of our additional practice areas include:

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The key to your company’s growth relies heavily on how well you can manage business law in Peoria IL. Thankfully, with legal guidance from Rochford & Associates, your business can grow into a successful and profitable organization. Contact us today at 309-637-5322 to request a free consultation. We are located at 101 SW Adams St, No 700, Peoria, IL 61602.