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Landlord Tenant Attorney in Dunlap IL

When you’re entering into a rental agreement, regardless of whether you’re a landlord or potential tenant, you need to make sure your responsibilities are clear. Before you enter into any agreement, there are numerous pieces of information that must be clarified. From security deposit details to an understanding of a breach of lease to landlord and tenant responsibilities, it’s important to have your legal obligations clearly spelled out for the best possible outcome. When you’re in need of a landlord tenant attorney in Dunlap IL, Rochford & Associates can help you with your legal needs.

Rochford & Associations is a Landlord Tenant Attorney in Dunlap IL

Practice Areas

Rochford & Associates can help with several facets of landlord tenant law. We can help establish an agreement, whether you’re a first-time or long-time landlord, that is clear and fair for all parties involved. Our rental agreements are sound documents that protect your interests. If there’s been a breach of a contract, we can make sure you get the damages that are due to you. We can even represent you with contract termination and property eviction if needed.

In addition to landlord tenant law, we have several practice areas and experience in many types of litigation. People know us for our professional ability to advocate for our clients. We provide zealous and effective representation and are committed to following the most ethical standards. We’re more than a landlord tenant attorney in Dunlap IL. We can also help with auto accidents, medical malpractice, workers comp, business law, and more. If you have a need, let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

Who We Are

Rochford & Associates has spent over 35 years handling civil litigation cases throughout Peoria IL. As you seek legal representation, you can trust our team of lawyers. We proudly offer guidance and zealous representation for situations that can have a major impact on your well-being and life. It’s why we work so hard to get the best outcomes possible for every one of our clients. No matter what legal matters you may have, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Rochford & Associates is a Landlord Tenant Attorney in Dunlap IL

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