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Accidents that happen at work can be particularly taxing. After all, you expect to go to work and get paid without anything standing in your way. So, when an on-the-job incident takes away your health while putting your paycheck at risk, you need to focus on your rights immediately. It pays to hire a professional to advocate for you. Rochford & Associates is the workers comp attorney Dunlap IL trusts to fight for the needs of injured workers. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

A man who has fallen off of a ladder on the job needs a Workers Comp Attorney in Dunlap IL.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Injuries don’t just take you off the job as you recover. They can cause issues well into the future and may even affect the way you perform on the job. If you have an injury that goes untreated, or even one that is bad enough that you’ll have a lifetime of issues that must be maintained, you need help. It’s time to hire a workers comp attorney in Dunlap IL. We’ll help you understand your rights and fight for your long-term future.

Rochford & Associates have the experience, knowledge, and proven success to make you whole. We know the long-term issues that can come from a workplace injury. And we are experts at fighting for the proper treatments and accommodations that are necessary for your long-term health needs. People who have been injured on the job but avoid taking legal action often deal with many negative consequences. From increased medical bills to time off to issues you may have in the future, we know how to get you the compensation you deserve. Let us give you the representation you deserve.

What We Practice

Rochford & Associates work on more than workers comp cases alone. As a general practice law firm, we provide numerous types of legal representation, including auto accidents, real estate law, medical malpractice, landlord-tenant law, and more. Our goal is to represent you effectively, zealously, and with the highest moral and ethical standards. We promise to always go the extra mile for our clients.

Rochford & Associates is a Workers Comp Attorney in Dunlap IL

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