Isn’t It Better To Use My Own Health Insurance Or Even Pay Out-Of-Pocket Than To ‘Make Trouble’ And Deal With Lawyers?

First of all, it’s usually not admissible to use your own health insurance or the health insurance provided by your employer for a legitimate accident injury. Second, properly protecting your rights and your health after an accident is NOT “making trouble.” This is a big thing for people. Most people don’t want to “make trouble” for themselves or the insurance company representatives or lawyers. PLEASE GET THIS: If you are injured, your first responsibility and obligation is to yourself and your family! Third, even if you are not excited to deal with an attorney, we will make sure to always treat you with respect and make your experience a positive one. It’s okay to look at me as a “necessary evil” – I don’t mind. (Haven’t you heard? It’s impossible to insult an attorney!) But you must also understand, the other guy’s insurance company and yours both have lawyers working for them. You are out-manned, out-matched and, bluntly, will be out-maneuvered! And I promise you this: my legal team and I will treat you with courtesy and respect. We will listen to you, answer your questions, keep you informed, and work only and completely on your behalf.