Things to Look For When Retaining an Attorney For Motorcycle Accidents Cases Motorcycle Accidents

Things to Look For When Retaining an Attorney For Motorcycle Accidents Cases

Interviewer: When it comes to motorcycle accidents, what sort of signs should people look for when searching for an attorney? What are some qualities that someone should be looking for when they’re researching an attorney to represent them? At the same time, what are some red flags?

An Attorney’s Reputation Is Very Important When It Comes To Hiring One For A Motorcycle Accident Case

Rochford and Associates: One of the qualities that they should be looking for in an attorney when they’re searching is the attorney’s reputation in the community. That can be gleaned from finding out information about the attorney on the website or actually asking around. How do the clients react to the attorney? Has the client made statements or given testimonials as to the type of services the attorney provided to the client? Also, the experience level of the attorney is important. Is it an attorney that is not afraid to go to trial on cases, that actually has experience trying cases in front of a jury, and that has actually experienced good results in front of a jury?

Some Attorneys Are Skilled At Dealing With The Insurance Claim Adjusters

Some attorneys have skillsets that make them good at negotiating with an insurance adjustor, for instance. Or they may be skilled at dealing with clients in an amicable way. Or they may have a skillset at influencing a judge in an argument that’s made before the judge. You want an attorney that has a combined skillset of all of those things – dealing with clients, negotiating, influencing a judge – but also has a skillset of understanding and empathizing with people and knowing how to present a case to a jury. Not a lot of attorneys have all of those skillsets together. They may be strong in one and really weak in the others, or strong in a couple and weak in the others. Those skillsets are important.

How well does the lawyer get along with his clients? Does he treat them with respect and not talk down to them or condescend them? Is the lawyer good at influencing other attorneys and the judge in the case and making the arguments that need to be made? Is the lawyer good at negotiating? Is the lawyer good at presenting a case to a jury? Those are all separate skillsets. If you can find a lawyer with all four of those skillsets, that’s great. Then it helps, of course, if the lawyer has a good reputation in the community among the lawyers and the judges, because ultimately that’s whom the lawyer has to work with and against.