Would It Be Helpful If I Took Pictures Of The Accident Scene? Injury Law, Motorcycle Accidents

Would It Be Helpful If I Took Pictures Of The Accident Scene?

Interviewer: What if I took pictures of the accident scene with my phone? Can they be used as evidence in my favor?

It Is Always Appreciated If Visual Evidence Is Available For Any Motorcycle Accident

Rochford and Associates: If possible, we usually would like to have pictures of the scene of the accident and the damage that’s done to the vehicles, as well as if there’s bruising or any type of visible injury on the body of the person that was injured. We like to get photographs or pictures of those also. In today’s day and age, of course, most people have cell phones. Hopefully a person thinks about it after they’re hit by another vehicle. If it’s a motorcycle and he gets hit, we would like for the guy, if he has a chance or if he’s able, to take out his cell phone and get pictures of the damaged vehicles and the scene of the accident. If there’s debris on the road, it helps to have pictures of the debris on the road.

The Panic Created At The Scene Of Accident Makes People Forget About Taking Pictures

Usually what happens, though, is there’s an accident and everybody’s kind of in shock. Someone calls the police. The police come out. They’re asking questions and nobody really has the presence of mind to take pictures.

The Pictures Are Useless If No Damage Is Done To The Motorcycle

Most of the time we want pictures. Now, if there were no damage to the motorcycle or the other vehicle, I would prefer not having pictures. We don’t want to have pictures that do not benefit the injured party. In most cases, a picture will benefit the party and we can use those later on to prove our case or to prove the damage to the vehicle or to prove that the person was injured if it’s pictures of bruising or cuts on the person’s body.